King Pharaoh Co.


The Burning of Library In Alexandria, Egypt (KEMET -> KMT), Africa (ALKEBULAN) was damning to the world. This library is most famous for having been burned down resulting in the loss of many scrolls and books; its destruction has become a symbol for the loss of cultural knowledge.

The origins of the "Library” of Toran date back to ancient Africa, positioned at Egypt and Nubia. Imhotep, Pythagoras, Plato, and Cheikh Anta Diop, all these minds created schools of thought. What I’ve learned is that many of the minds before us that dared to question or change the world around us, they are sacred. When humans built villages, architecture, modern-day cities, and technology, we give energy and knowledge to other people. Eternally, we learn the math and sciences of a generation.

Thus, this is a space that attempts to gear our minds to prosperity and enlightenment. Just like the ancients in Africa, we will be whatever we want to be. We are at the pinnacle of art, class, religion, identity, and innovation.